In our gymnastics lessons we have been learning how to move in different ways and how to do the tuck and star shapes. We have also had lots of fun working with a partner and mirroring one another.

Making sweet music with Charanga!

In music we follow an online interactive music platform called Charanga where we learn about different types of music, rhythm and songs.The children can access the charanga at home with their logins that we sent out in the autumn term.

Goldilocks and the 3 bears

We have been learning the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears in our Talk for Writing sessions. We created story maps and have ordered the story. We had great fun acting out the story of Goldilocks with costumes and props. We had some great daddy bear voices!

Tasting Porridge

As part of exploring the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears we made and tasted porridge. We used our senses to talk about the oats and other ingredients before they were heated and then compared them to how they were once they were cooked. We also talked about how porridge is a great choice for breakfast as it hasn’t got any sugar and gives us long lasting energy.



Wriggly Nativity

We all had lots of fun learning all of the catchy songs and dressing up in our amazing costumes to perform the wriggly nativity.


We have really enjoyed learning about and celebrating Diwali in Reception. We created our own rangoli patterns and made lanterns, as well as making and decorating diva lamps using salt dough.

Children in Need

EYFS have been learning about how and why we raise money forĀ  ‘Children in Need’ and how it helps so many children. We loved our ‘Children in Need’ themed crafts and the highlight of our day was meeting Pudsey Bear!


We have been visiting the hall twice a week for PE. Once a week is for our gymnastics where we build upon our core strength and gross motor skills, we explore ways to climb and move.




Alma Thomas

As part of Black History Month in October we were inspired by Alma Thomas who was an African American artist who used bold and bright colours in her patterned artwork.